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The lockHARD bit

The lockHARD bit has two strategically placed wings on the sides of its square bit end. This allows it to lock into place and makes sure you NEVER strip another screw. For decades they have been manufacturing this as a universal screw…

LockHARD Bit

The LockHARD Bit


….and seeing it as having the benefit of using either the square drive or the flat head screwdriver as a means of fastening. By combining the two, the surprising result is that the fastener and driver, become un-strippable.


LockHARD Screw

the common screw manufactured today

Lockhart Innovations released the LockHARD bit in 2009 through Rack a Tiers Mfg, a time and labour saving device manufacturer, geared towards manufacturing and distributing inventions by electricians, for electricians. With a measurable success in that market, the LockHARD bit has sold more than 15,000 units, to electrical wholesalers throughout the US and Canada.

LockHARD by Lockhart InnovationsThis bit locks in place and never strips

So for years now, they have been manufacturing strip-less screws, and I’ve just come up with the bit, to create the strip-less standard.

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Feedback from  users:

 ”I won’t strip screws anymore? Where do I get one?”

 ”We’ve been waiting for this innovation for years!”

“I love this thing, saves me tons of time”

LockHARD Bit V2 coming soon….

New design is being tested, stay tuned for updated information and photos for the new bit.

Read more about the LockHARD bit version 2 here.

Visit the Rack-A-Tiers website to see where you can buy the lockHARD V1 today.

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  1. [...] screws. Produced by a Canadian company Lockhart Innovations and manufactured by Rack-a-Tiers, the lockHARD bit combines both the Robertson square drive and the flat head screwdriver with two wings [...]

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